Due to the current weather alert, and expected heavy snowfall in the locality, our Club Bingo scheduled for Thurs night has been cancelled. Next Club Bingo will take place on Thurs 8th Mar. Stay warm and safe.


Forecaster Evelyn Cusack has said counties in the east and south will be a “blanket of snow” by Thursday.

“Thursday will be the worst day, and it’s not going to be a nice weekend either. I don’t want to discount the showers tonight and tomorrow. We’re worried about the winds, and there is also the possibility of thunder and lightning with Storm Emma.

However, the eastern part of the country could see up to 50cm of snow on Thursday and Friday.

Met Eireann say the day will be ‘bitterly cold’, with more snow showers and freezing winds from the east.

Temperatures are expected to get no higher than -1C and snow showers will get worse and more frequent as the day progresses.

While the east will again see the worst of it, all areas are expected to experience treacherous conditions by evening, with blizzards and snow drifts expected.