All in Carrick Swan GAA Club are deeply saddened this morning to hear of the passing of our esteemed vice-president Cissie Russell.
To many people in the club Cissie was a mother figure who loved the club deeply and who travelled to all our games when able to offer what could be termed as vociferous support with her late brother Sean and late sisters Peggy, May and Kathleen and God help anyone that had a bad word to say about the Swan or their players if you were close to that enclave!
There are many different types of heroes in clubs but the real heroes are the people like Cissie who worked tirelessly for the club and who only asked in return that you give of your best.
Cissie’s home in Pearse Square had a path worn out to it both day and night as members of the club collected the keys to the club from her and there would always be the chat at the front gate. Cissie was also instrumental in keeping the bingo going.
The ‘jerseys’ were a different story as long before the times of ‘climacool’ fabric that we have now back then we had only a few sets of jerseys which could have been hand knitted! and when they’d get wet during a match they would add 2 stone weight to you between the rain, blood and sweat.
Cissie being the ‘mother’ did the washing of all the jerseys which was not an easy job and took great pride as they hung proudly on her washing line and they were always in pristine condition for the various teams to wear apart from turning ‘foxy’ over the years!
The losses of her husband Mikey, son Noel and grandson Cillian hit Cissie very hard but she battled on surrounded by a great family and to her sons Tom and Michael John and daughters Catherine and Angela and all the extended family we offer our deepest sympathy.
The passing of Cissie is another link of the old Swan gone but she leaves behind lovely memories and her place in the club will live on and will never diminish.
One of the Swan’s greatest servants, may Cissie rest in peace.
Funeral arrangements later.