The 15 main guidelines for the return of Gaelic Games

■ Squads limited to 24 inside the perimeter (no limit on squad sizes otherwise)

■ Management limited to five – manager, maor foirne, two medics, club official (hurling can have two maor camán, so seven in total)

■ Substitutes and team officials to be positioned on opposite sides of the field where possible

■ No water carriers

■ One one-minute water break in each half, lasting a minute and called during a break in play between the 15th-20th minute at a time of the referee’s discretion

■ Dugout use not recommended unless social distancing (two metres) can be observed

■ No handshaking

■ No huddles unless social distancing can be observed

■ No spitting

■ Deliberate coughing into the face of an opponent to be punishable under dangerous behaviour rule

■ All-ticket games for attendances over an expected 200

■ Games capped at attendance capacity of 500, a figure that will include players, match officials, management, stewards, media and contractors

■ Face masks for spectators are recommended

■ Spectators are urged to bring their own sanitiser

■ Ground management responsible for contacts of players and management; spectators responsible for their contact record