Carrick Swan Hurling/Football & Camogie Club have announced our main field fund raiser for 2016, this fund raiser is needed to raise much needed monies for our proposed new development at Ballyrichard Road.

Due to the ever expanding membership in the club and the number of teams we affiliate this project is vital to our future as we strive to give the youth of the town the best possible opportunity to be the very best they can be in sporting terms. It also embraces the community at large as the town will have a top class facility to enjoy in both sporting and social terms.

Now that the site has been bought and paid for the real work begins, the property is thankfully registered in the name of Carrick Swan Hurling/Football & Camogie Club so we are the official owners and we can now look forward to watching it’s development take place over the coming years. For that to happen however takes money and a lot of it, the costs of running any club even without undertaking any development works is massive, we understand that we will have to continuously fundraise for the foreseeable future for the development to be achieved and so for 2016 we are going with the ’12 Days of Christmas Draw’ idea.

The draw itself takes the format of a €50 ticket being purchased which entitles the ticket purchaser to enter the draw for each of the 12 days regardless of being a previous days winner, there will be a €500 winner each day for 11 days from December 6th – December 16th and then on Saturday December 17th the main prize of €10,000 will be drawn at a venue to be announced later. Tickets may be purchased in many ways such as a once off payment of €50, two €25 instalments or five €10 instalments from any of the many club promoters, it will also be possible to purchase online by visiting the web site and following the link. (Coming soon)

There is no doubt that the prizes are very generous and we hope for a great response from the people of the town and further afield, the people in Carrick and surrounding areas have never been found wanting when it comes to supporting such ventures, they see the merit and benefits in providing safe sporting facilities for the children and youth of the town and country side.

So over the next few days/weeks you should be contacted for your support and help in ensuring we raise as much as we can and we thank you in advance.

So as the saying goes ‘if you are not in you can’t win’

Sean O’Shea – Club Development Officer.