As you’ve probably noticed over the past few months, Swan news that we push through our Facebook page doesn’t always appear in your newsfeed which means you’re missing out on hearing what’s happening in the club.
That one’s on Mark Zuckerberg. Last week Facebook announced more changes that mean even less content we publish on Facebook will appear in your newsfeed in the future.
To try counteract this somewhat, starting next week, Carrick Swan will begin sending push notifications for our weekly notes, for upcoming fixtures, and for important & time-sensitive updates during the year from our website. That means you’ll never miss our notes, or important updates again. 
To keep up to date and make sure you never miss important Swan related news, going forward, please click allow when prompted to allow us to send you push notifications.
A push notification looks like the notification in the image below. If you find you’re getting more than you’d like, you can always turn them off, at any time.