‘Pairc na hEalai’ report September 2019

The time is fast approaching when the locks will come off the gates and the boys and girls of the town will enjoy one of the finest sporting facilities in the South East and farther afield.

The fact we are leaving the grass pitches plenty of time to mature before playing activity takes place on them next spring is paramount to having a great surface.

The work done so far has been tremendous and just to let you know where we are now the following is a brief update on the clubhouse,

The main building/plastering work is now complete, carpentry is almost complete. Electrical first and second fix is done except for some small bits and pieces. Tiling has been completed to a high standard and looks very well.

Plumbing first fix completed, second fix for installing sanitary ware etc will not be installed until such time as the flooring is laid which in turn cannot happen until the interior is painted and decorated.

We will also hope to begin car park works in the near future as well as installing goal posts, ball stop netting and all associated works that we will require ensuring the facility will be well maintained and in pristine condition at all times.

To date we have spent a whopping €560,000 and it will not stop there, so please help us any way you can by supporting all our fundraising initiatives.

The main field fundraiser is of course our ’12 Days of Christmas Draw’ and we rely on everyone to play their part and buy/sell as many tickets as you can, also by taking part in our weekly lotto you are supporting the club development massively.

In 2012, yes it is 7 years ago! we first discussed the possibility of going on this journey to having ‘Pairc na hEalai’ we are very close now to its opening, so another big effort from all, please.

Thank you,
Sean O’Shea – Development Officer