April 4th 2020

Aintree Grand National Sweep

As the Aintree Grand National has been cancelled for 2020 the club committee have decided on the following course of action,

  • Due to the cancellation of the Grand National the Sweep cannot proceed as planned.
  • A draw for all card entrants will instead take the place of the Sweep and only cards with line entries can be included in the draw.
  • If you have returned a blank card and would like an opportunity to enter the draw please contact a committee member for details ( Note: this is only for those who returned blank cards and strictly not new entrants)
  • All monies collected will be allocated to the prize fund.
  • The draw will take place once all cards are returned and only when restrictions are lifted in line with the guidelines laid down regarding Covid-19.
  • As business outlets are currently shut we would ask that proprietors would return cards to any committee member while following the guidelines regarding safe distancing.
  • We ask that anyone who has cards at home to return them to committee members while following the guidelines regarding safe distancing.
  • All cards must be returned either blank or partly filled.

As we live in unprecedented times we ask that you bear with us while we try and ensure that the draw takes place at the earliest and safest opportunity.

Stay safe.

The Swan Committee.